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Gratitude & Insight:

*  "The work of Shivallah takes you straight to the essence of your being, where the natural feelings of bliss, joy and a sense of deep nurturing are felt. It is an experience of remembrance, that is ... of who we really are." - Megan Don M.A.


*  My experience with Shivallah's meditation, was a confirmation of the balance we are moving into, in oneness, in stillness, in divine presence.” - Michael Veys 


*  "Deep Peace Immersion with Shivallah felt like a rejuvenation for my meditation practice. He is a transmitter of Deep Peace with an Oceanic Presence." - Maya Voight


 “An instant sense of calm arises as you come into Shivallah’s presence. He is like a catalyst for you to get in touch with your inner peace." - Maria Teresa De Vivo


*  "Shivallah's work is a deep and powerful message to the heart and soul. His wisdom is grounded and he activates your core essence and reveals deeply what needs to be opened up and worked with.

- Sequin Joanna Kay


*  "Shivallah's profound presence and love travels deep into the soul essence of your being, enabling you to come to a place of complete stillness and contentment with what is, without mental filters that block us from experiencing true awareness." - Liana Pearl

*  “Shivallah has always been welcoming and fully available, creating a gentle and safe space to hold, nurture, and enable deeper Truths and Insights, Healing and Grace to arise. Shivallah has acted as a mirror, enabling the unveiling of my innermost Being to be uncovered gently and purely in the 

most appropriate and timely manner.” - Debbie Irvine


*  “In the presence of Shivallah, I experience a communion with the peacefulness, clarity and love within his being which allows a calmness to emerge that opens the doorway to deeper self-understanding and knowledge.” - Gary Solondz


*  "Shivallah’s Being, skillful suggestions and stories that convey a pathway, help create a link to a more subtle layer, of presence." - Kristen Jan


*  “One of Shivallah’s gifts is to imbue us with his sense of inner peace and completeness and to gracefully and gently guide us to connect with our Divine Essence.” - Deva Sage


*  “Since I have come to know Shivallah and the Anchoring into Being work, I have experienced a profound surrendering to a deeper sense of inner peace and trust in the wisdom of my God-Self. His gentle presence brings a comfort to my soul.” - Francesca Hunter 


*  “Shivallah knows how to hold the heart and soul of a group dynamic and lift everyone to a higher level of trust and gentle insightfulness. The result is a natural and lasting transformation ... the ultimate "AHA" on the cellular level for Higher Consciousness." - Kimana 

*  “Shivallah creates a field of unconditional love in his workshops and evenings that helped me every time I participated, to immediately dive into the 'realm of all there is'.” - Ariya Lorenz 


*  “Immersion with Shivallah went deep into my soul. He contained the space with his presence, was truly in the moment, and sparked these energies in each other human present. I left the experience lightened and peaceful.” - Christine Gow


*  “I went to 'The Spirit of Oneness' with no expectations, I just knew I had to go. Shivallah presented what I needed, a communion connection with the deeper truth.” - Gabriel Kazab


*  “Shivallah ... a fountain of gentleness, trust and sincerity. Love and nurturing flow effortlessly, with wisdom, sensitivity and discernment, facilitating growth in others. A joy to experience and witness.” - Sandra Haines


*  “My heart delights as I watch the energy of Shivallah expand to encompass, support and sustain the individual and collective energies of the groups he works with. The magic of Shivallah is: he creates bridges you can use to becoming the potential in you.” - Lorri Mackness 


*  “There is an immensity about Shivallah, a beyond-ness which, coupled with his innocent, childlike humility and playfulness enables us to trust, to warmly welcome his guidance and inspiration.” - Melanie Pike

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